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70s Jewelry Trends That Are Making a Comeback

70s Jewelry Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Spiral Earrings 70s Jewelry
Get into the groovy look of 70s jewelry. Photo: iStock

The 1970s was a time of vibrant change and audacious style, with 70s jewelry standing as a testament to the decade’s unique flair. As vinyl records spun tunes of revolution and the world experienced transformative shifts, jewelry emerged as a prominent canvas for self-expression. 

From chunky necklaces to trendy mood rings, these trends evoked 1970s fashion’s blend of rebellion, individualism, and timeless elegance. Dive in as we take a journey through these popular styles that continue to inspire fashion lovers today.

70s Jewelry

Chunky Necklaces

Lynda Carter 70s Jewelry Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman wearing a gold necklace in the 1970s. Photo: William L. Marston / IMAGO / United Archives

The chunky necklace was a bold representation of 70s styles. These eye-catching accessories often had large beads, metals, or intricate designs and were more than just decorations; they were expressions of individuality and style. 

These necklaces added complexity and interest when paired with the era’s flowing clothing, creating a striking contrast between delicate fabrics and powerful jewelry. 

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet 70s Jewelry Baublebar
Friendship bracelets bring a retro flair. Photo: Baublebar

Friendship bracelets were a beloved sign of connection and love during the decade. These colorful bands were hand-woven with care and embodied the spirit of unity and countercultural ideals. 

They were exchanged between friends as a sign of enduring connection, often crafted during leisurely afternoons or spirited gatherings. 

ID Bracelets

Nameplate Bracelet 70s Jewelry
A bracelet with names or initials serves a charming look. Photo: Shutterstock.com

During the 1970s, ID bracelets held great importance despite their simple design. These metallic bands were typically engraved with an individual’s name or initials, connecting personal identity and outward expression. They were often given as gifts during special occasions like birthdays or graduations, representing milestones and personal growth. 

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Ring 70s Jewelry J Crew
A cocktail ring is one way to channel the decade. Photo: J. Crew

Cocktail rings have become popular marks of wealth and social status during the decade. These large gem-studded rings are more than just accessories; they are bold expressions of personal style and refinement. Worn at parties and events, they capture the attention of the room, reflecting the era’s love for extravagance and ornate self-expression.

Mood Ring

Mood Ring 70s Jewelry
A mood ring changes colors for a cool effect. Photo: Shutterstock.com

The mood ring became a popular symbol of self-awareness and introspection. These rings contained thermochromic liquid crystals that changed color depending on the wearer’s body temperature, supposedly indicating their emotional state. 

Thick Bangles

Chunky Bangles Gold 70s Jewelry Soko
Bold bangles can be stacked for a vintage look. Photo: Soko

Thick bangles were trendy for their bold and audacious appearance. They were made from various materials, such as wood and metals, and made a statement without saying a word. 

These wrist accessories were in tune with the era’s fearless fashion sense, enabling individuals to exude strength, confidence, and a hint of playful rebellion that characterized that decade.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings 70s Jewelry Lele Sadoughi
Hoop earrings are one way to bring a seventies flair to your outfit. Photo: Shopbop

During the 1970s, hoop earrings took the spotlight. They moved in rhythm with the era’s spirit, from disco beats to protest marches, and became a symbol of the decade. Whether they were subtle or large in diameter, they framed faces with a simplicity that had a significant impact.

Statement Rings

During a time celebrating bold statements, statement rings reigned as powerful champions. Adorned with colorful stones or intricate patterns, these rings were more than just accessories – they were conversations in and of themselves. 

Gold Chain Necklaces

Chain Gold Necklace 70s Jewelry J Crew
A chunky gold chain necklace is one way to serve 70s vibes. Photo: J. Crew

During the decade, gold chain necklaces became the ultimate accessory that seamlessly blended with the evolving fashion trends. The shining links, whether thin or thick, adorned necks with a sense of ease and purpose. They added a luminous touch to the era’s most iconic looks, ranging from bohemian maxi dresses to leisure suits. 

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry 70s
Turquoise is a standout gemstone of the 70s. Photo: FP

The blue-green hue of turquoise jewelry was trendy in the 1970s, reminding people of vast deserts and open skies. It was not just a gemstone but a link to ancient cultures and spiritual realms. Turquoise was worn as necklaces, rings, or embedded in silver, carrying the essence of Earth and history. 

Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings 70s Jewelry
Dangle earrings bring a retro look to the forefront. Photo: FP

During the 1970s, dangle earrings were a popular fashion accessory due to their flowing and stylish designs. These earrings perfectly complement both bohemian and high-end fashion styles, elevating them from simple jewelry to statement pieces. The elegant way they hung from the earlobes perfectly captured the avant-garde fashion of the era.

Medallion Necklaces

Medallion Necklace 70s Jewelry
A medallion necklace always makes a chic look. Photo: FP

During that era, medallion necklaces were quite popular. These necklaces featured circular pendants often adorned with intricate designs, symbols, or artistic depictions. They were usually hung from long chains and held significant meaning, representing personal beliefs or cultural heritage.

When paired with the loose-fitting garments of that time, the medallion necklaces acted as the focal point.

Styling Tips

Layer Your Necklaces for a Bohemian Vibe

Layering necklaces was another popular trend in the era. Women would adorn their necks with chains of varying lengths, creating a bohemian and eclectic look. This style allowed for personalization and creativity, as individuals could mix and match different materials and designs to create a unique combination.

Embrace Natural Materials & Earthy Tones

Statement Earrings 70s Jewelry
Shine with gold earrings for a statement look. Photo: Shutterstock.com

This decade was a time of increased connection with nature, which was reflected in jewelry’s materials. Wood, stone, shell, and bone were popular choices for crafting jewelry during this period. Turquoise’s vibrant blue-green hue was particularly beloved and often used as a centerpiece in many 70s designs. 

Embrace the Timelessness of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold was the dominant metal of the era. Gold hoops, chains, and bangles were everywhere, adorning wrists, ears, and necks. The warm tones of yellow gold perfectly complemented the earthy colors that were popular during the era, making it the metal of choice for many. 

Mix Vintage & Modern

Modern 70s Jewelry
Channel the decade with modern and vintage pieces. Photo: Shutterstock.com

Incorporating vintage or vintage-inspired pieces into your look can add a touch of nostalgia and authenticity. However, be mindful of not going overboard with too many vintage items. Pairing one or two vintage pieces with modern clothing creates a balanced and stylish ensemble.

Final Words

Disco 70s Jewelry
A choker necklace delivers disco vibes. Photo: Shutterstock.com

Representing a significant period in fashion, 70s jewelry is known for its boldness and self-expression. Iconic pieces such as chunky necklaces, friendship bracelets, gold hoops, and statement rings all tell a story of the times. 

Today’s fashion fans continue to draw inspiration from these timeless designs and effortlessly incorporate them into their modern wardrobes. The decade had a unique style, but its jewelry trends have remained relevant. 

Whether it’s a medallion necklace or gold hoop, wearing pieces from this era pays homage to an influential decade. As fashion continues to evolve, the 70s serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of individuality in style.


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