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A Fashion Wave for 2023

A Fashion Wave for 2023

Zendaya Smartwater 2023 Campaign
Zendaya stars in Smartwater 2023 campaign. Photo: Smartwater

Zendaya, the dynamic actress and fashion icon, has once again emerged as the face of Smartwater for 2023, following a successful campaign in 2022. This year, the collaboration with the British Fashion Council has led to an innovative series of images that not only advertise the water brand but also spotlight the brilliance of five emerging fashion designers: Chet Lo, Conner Ives, Di Petsa, Nensi Dojaka, and Aaron Esh.

Zendaya for Smartwater 2023 Campaign

The elemental purity of water inspires the Zendaya for Smartwater campaign, and the designers have crafted custom creations that perfectly embody the fluidity and grace of the natural substance. Di Petsa’s offering features a draped white dress with ruching and a cut-out at the abdomen, a metaphor for water’s gentle flow.

Zendaya Smartwater 2023 Campaign Fashion
Zendaya wears five emerging fashion designers for Smartwater’s new campaign. Photo: Smartwater

Meanwhile, Nensi Dojaka brings a contrasting shade of blue to life through a mini dress with a pleated miniskirt and plunging neckline, showcasing the vigor and depth of water. Zendaya’s connection to fashion is far-reaching. In addition to being the face of Smartwater, she has also posed for Bulgari’s Serpenti jewelry and the Louis Vuitton Capucines campaign.

Zendaya Smartwater 2023 Hooded Gown
Wearing a hooded design, Zendaya fronts the 2023 campaign from Smartwater. Photo: Smartwater

This year’s Smartwater campaign, with its fusion of art and nature, adds a fresh chapter to Zendaya’s evolving story. It’s a celebration of creativity, where water becomes the spring of inspiration, and fashion flows in perfect harmony.

Zendaya Blue Minidress Smartwater 2023 Campaign
Actress Zendaya wears a blue minidress in Smartwater ad campaign. Photo: Smartwater


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