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Car Crash Whos Lying

Car Crash Whos Lying

A true crime documentary about a fatal vehicle crash has become the most popular film on Netflix in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Car Crash: Who’s Lying? was originally made for the BBC in 2018, but has become a surprise smash since its debut on the streaming service last month.

The documentary has surpassed films like the celebrated crime comedy Hit Man and Jordan Peele’s western-influenced horror Nope to take the top slot in the rankings, which are updated daily.

According to the official BBC summary, the programme is “a compelling single narrative documentary that tells the story of an unlikely group of friends in a close-knit community in Hampshire, who find themselves at the centre of an intense police investigation”.

“With access to never-before-seen police bodycam footage of the crash site, viewers are taken directly into the heart of the aftermath of a catastrophic collision between a car and a tree on a dark country road,” it begins.

The collision occurred near Southwick, Hampshire, in January 2016, and one passenger died.

“It begins with an alarming stat from @Brakecharity: ‘Young people are 3 times more likely to die in a car crash than from guns, knives & alcohol’.”


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