Home Sport Carvajal praised the Barca prodigy

Carvajal praised the Barca prodigy

Carvajal praised the Barca prodigy

Lamine Yamal is one of the notable stars of the Spanish team at EURO 2024. The 16-year-old star spent the 2023/2024 season shining brightly in the Barcelona shirt.

His classy performance at the club helped Yamal get a spot at EURO 2024 with La Roja. Yamal and other morning stars promise to bring a fresh breeze to the Spanish squad.

Sharing with Marca newspaper, Dani Carvajal commented on his junior: β€œThe other day, I talked to him. I told him that at the age of 17, I won the Youth League with Real Madrid.”

Yamal in the Spanish shirt.

β€œAs for Yamal, he is here, playing for Spain at EURO 2024, playing an important role in Barcelona. Yamal is a good player, but sometimes I have to pinch his ears for not helping me in defense. YAmal is a young talent, rich in burning desireβ€œ.

Carvajal and Yamal are both prominent factors for Spain in the upcoming EURO 2024. Carvajal experienced a successful 2023/2024 season with a double of La Liga and Champions League titles.

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