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Carved Live Edge Wallets – RFID-blocking Wood + Resin Wallets

Carved Live Edge Wallets – RFID-blocking Wood + Resin Wallets

Nowadays, most payments for goods and services are made with debit and credit cards instead of physical cash. Additionally, more and more stores and service providers have been shifting towards contactless payments, which don’t require customers to insert their card into a card reader to perform payments like they normally would. As such, bulky traditional wallets are becoming obsolete and are getting replaced with sleeker and lighter wallets, which basically work as pocket-sized cardholders. These slimmer wallets are typically only slightly larger than the cards they hold, making them more comfortable and less cumbersome to carry in your pockets. With that said, consider upgrading from your old wallet to something more stylish and easier to carry like the Carved Live Edge Wallets.

The Carved Live Edge Wallets are slim, sturdy wood and resin wallets which are precisely machined from premium-quality wood burls and coated with resin, making each wallet a completely unique art piece. Each wallet comes equipped with a flexible O-ring that can securely hold up to eight cards plus cash, and also integrates RFID-blocking on their front side, which helps prevent unwanted sources from scanning your cards’ electromagnetic signals.

Carved Live Edge Wallets
Carved Live Edge Wallets

Designed, assembled, and shipped from Carved’s workshop in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, these minimalist, one-of-a-kind wallets make for an awesome everyday personal accessory for both men and women alike. They’re ultra-portable, beautiful to look at, and super functional for everyday use.

Here’s our hands-on review of the Carved Live Edge Wallets, where we discuss in detail how these wallets are made and what their key features are.


Starting with their size, the Carved Live Edge Wallets pack a noticeably compact and super-slim size, and they’re also extremely lightweight, making these some of the most portable wallets you can currently find available.

Carved Live Edge Wallets
Carved Live Edge Wallets – Dimensions

On top of their ultra-portable form factor, these sleek wallets also sport a minimalist and ultra-modern aesthetic, which gives them a breathtaking look. Each wallet combines a wood-resin slab that’s first harvested from wood burls and hand-carved, and then coated with epoxy resin in a selection of vibrant colors, thus giving each wallet a unique and astonishing one-of-a-kind look.

Each wood slab starts in the form of a raw wood burl of premium quality, which the company first dries, stabilizes, cuts down to the size of one of their wallets, carves by hand, and then pours a selected mix of colors of epoxy resin into a mold. After that masterful manufacturing process, they let the epoxy resin harden, then slice it down, sand it smooth, and apply a finish of tung oil to each wallet for a natural protectant.

For our review model, the company was kind enough to provide us with a wallet portraying their Carissa Blue color model lineup.

Carved Live Edge Wallet (Carissa Blue – Hendrix model)

While we absolutely love the color tones from this particular model, we’re happy to note that Carved actually has a very wide range of different color models available to choose from for their Carved Live Edge Wallets, with every particular model having its own unique and stunning designs. Moreover, every single wood burl that they use also has a distinctive variety of colors and swirls, which further adds to the unique look of each wallet.

Carved Live Edge WalletsNo two wallets are ever the same, as the company’s manufacturing process ensures that each wallet has a unique personality and vibe to it, for which new wood and resin wallets are made every day. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re always able to find the perfect wallet that best matches your personal style.

In addition to their eye-catching designs, the Carved Live Edge Wallets also have a highly durable construction, as every wallet is precisely machined from a wood burl of premium-quality, and then carefully coated with epoxy resin to perfectly fill in any gaps within those burls’ wood patterns.

Highly Durable Construction (no screws or metal parts)

It’s also worth mentioning that the construction of these wood and resin wallets utilizes no screws or any tiny metal parts.

Furthermore, each wallet also comes equipped with a flexible O-ring that can securely hold up to eight (x8) cards plus some cash.

This particular design choice of using an O-ring instead of using an elastic strap to hold your personal cards and cash together essentially helps to increase the lifetime of each wallet, while also making it noticeably easier for users to adjust or change out the wallet’s O-ring if necessary.

Equipped with a flexible O-ring that holds eight cards & cash // Features RFID-blocking on the front side

Best of all, every Carved Live Edge Wallet is also secure with RFID-blocking on their front side, which helps to prevent unwanted sources from scanning your cards’ electromagnetic signals while you’re on the move and going about your day.


Every Carved Live Edge Wallet also comes neatly packed inside a cool-looking box that perfectly embodies the brand’s name (Carved) and their company’s manufacturing process behind each of their hand-carved wallets and other everyday personal accessories.

The wallet’s packaging


As mentioned earlier, the Carved Live Edge Wallets are currently available in a wide variety of wood patterns and unique color schemes that you can choose from.

Carved Live Edge Wallets
Carved Live Edge Wallets

If you’re interested in purchasing one of Carved Live Edge Wallets, know that each wallet is priced at just $99.99, no matter what color model you pick. You can order yours online directly from Carved’s official shopping page.


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