Home Gadgets Facebook has 2 billion daily active users worldwide • Jagat

Facebook has 2 billion daily active users worldwide • Jagat

Facebook has 2 billion daily active users worldwide • Jagat

Facebook isn’t dead yet. In fact, one of Meta’s social media platforms has managed to register 2 billion daily active users worldwide. In Indonesia itself, Facebook users are still very busy, especially for Groups and Reels.

Facebook records 2 billion daily active users globally

The data says there were 148 million people in Indonesia connected through 10.5 million active Facebook groups in the last month. Meanwhile, Reels (short videos) have also become one of the favorite content of users in Indonesia, which is in line with today’s social media trends.

“Facebook has started the year well and we continue to see positive growth trends in Indonesia, especially for Groups and Reels. This also shows a change in Facebook user preferences in recent years,” said Peter Lidian, Meta Indonesia Country Managing Director.

To further encourage this development, Facebook has revealed its three priorities to users in Indonesia, which are artificial intelligence (AI), creators, and messaging services. What will they do?

When it comes to artificial intelligence, Facebook will continue to invest resources to develop it to make it more sophisticated and reliable in understanding user preferences and providing more personalized and specific content recommendations.

Next, when discussing creators, creators are definitely one of the main points that Facebook focuses on as a social networking medium. They promised to continue launching various features to help creators and open up opportunities for monetization, and one of these features that was recently launched in Indonesia is the professional mode for profiles.

In addition, Facebook also has features via sharing Which allows creators to share content directly between Facebook and Instagram. This feature has been shown to be able to expand audience reach for content creators.

So, to keep the communication active, the messaging service functionality is also a major part of Facebook. Currently, more than 140 billion messages are sent worldwide via Meta Apps (Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WhatsApp) every day. On Facebook and Messenger globally, the number of people who tried the community chat feature increased by 50% in December 2022.


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