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Flash Falls Short In Global Bow; Elemental not on fire – Term

Flash Falls Short In Global Bow;  Elemental not on fire – Term

Refresh for the latest…: Warner Bros./DC’s Flash sped into 78 foreign markets this weekend, winning 75 million dollars, below the $85-95 million we saw entering the frame. With the three-day internal slow crawl included, it makes for one 139 million dollars global opening. This is lower than expected, with the general audience not rushing to see the deeper picture of the universe.

As we noted going into the frame, there was a question mark about how deeply the tabloid headlines surrounding star Ezra Miller have seeped into overseas awareness. The original audience was ultimately more fanboy and masculine. There’s an emotional storyline involving The Flash/Barry Allen’s mother in the film, but the women didn’t come out. The reaction was mixed. China had a great 9.3 Maoyan score, while France’s AlloCiné score is a not-so-good 3 out of 5 stars, and critics are there with a 2.5. Some reviews in the UK are also low. The film’s premiere at CinemaCon was well received and the film has an 85% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s hard to market a film when you can’t travel with the star, something that’s essential to generating buzz, especially in a sea of open. markets.

It had No. 1s in 54 markets this weekend, while the Andy Muschietti-directed pic is running roughly on par with Black Adam in offshore centers and today’s exchanges. That film went on to earn $225 million internationally, but it wasn’t considered a success, and indeed the compliment people weren’t hoping for.

Regionally, the Middle East reached $3.7 million as the Eid holiday approaches. In Western Europe, weather was a contributing factor. Flash is following similar origin stories Ant-Man AND Shazam! there. Latin America, which is a big fan of DC films, had a 50% share of the top 5 films, tracking on par with the opening weekend of Wonder Woman.

IMAX grosses totaled $15.6 million worldwide, including $7.4 million internationally. Indexing was high in markets such as China, Great Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

In terms of individual markets, China was always a toss-up and ended up with around $13.8 million, lower than expected, despite that awesome 9.3 from Maoyan audiences (this has become a recurring theme lately: high audience scores, low returns – see also BASIC). The film was no. 1 for the frame, dropping 32% before the film’s opening Batman and 21% above Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It led Friday’s game, but then dipped below Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in the second film on Saturday and Sunday.

It should be noted that not much action is expected for Hollywood films in China before this week, as the Dragon Boat Festival on Thursday will bring 10 new local shows.

Mexico was next with $9.4 million, taking the top spot and 56% of the top 5 market. The opening weekend results are being tracked ahead Black Adam (+53%), Shazam! (+45%), Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (+21%) and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania AND Wonder Woman (+4%).

of uk earned $5.3 million in first place and up 41% from last weekend Rise of the Beasts. There has been very hot weather in the UK which is changing so the hope is for good results in midweek.

korea earned $3.8 million in third place, behind the domestic jackpot Summary: There is no way out (which is closing at $70 million) and BASICand roughly on par with Black Adam AND Shazam!. Brazil is a large market DC and gave Flash A No. 1 starts at $3.5 million, roughly on par with Quantum AND Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse as well as 23% forward Rise of the Beasts.

The other new studio release this session was Disney/Pixar BASIC which landed within range of the opening with 15 million dollars from 17 material markets that only account for 30% of the offshore footprint. Along with local, the global launch is 44.5 million dollars. before the weekend BASIC, from director Peter Sohn, was looking at $12 million in the low end and $17 million in the high end, with China again the swing factor. In the end, Europe, Latin America and Korea came in OK, while other markets, particularly Australia, were soft and disappointing. Word of mouth can help here, especially since there isn’t much in the way of family competition ahead.

HOW Flash, BASIC also achieved a high audience score of 9.3 on Maoyan in China. Still, the $5.2 million opening isn’t a barn burner, even if Sunday’s holding was the strongest among the top three films. Again, this week will be crowded in the market. The recent string of studio films generating positive audience numbers but not converting them at the box office is a more general concern as Hollywood films aren’t resonating in the market like they once did.

IN korea, BASIC was entry no. 2 non-local at $3.2 million, forward Flash as well as 39% over Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and 10% greater than The Secret Life of Pets 2. Social results are strong with CGV at 98%, which is on par with Zootopia, the soul AND Inside out.

BASIC open tops on both Argentina AND uruguayforward Flash. Both countries have holidays on Monday and Tuesday. The top 5 openers are China, Korea, Australia ($1.1 million), Argentina ($1 million) and Philippines (600 thousand dollars).

When the film premiered as the Cannes Film Festival’s closing night gala, critics didn’t rave about it, but Rotten Tomatoes is now at 76% fresh from critics and has an audience score of 91%. BASIC there is still plenty of play ahead with France, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Mexico opening next week, followed by the UK and Spain in July and Japan in August.

Also worth noting, Disney this weekend passed $3 billion globally, dropping to $3.053 billion for the year to date.

In first news, Paramount/Skydance’s Transformers: Rise of the Beasts added another 37.2 million dollars in 68 markets during its second weekend. The international kuma is now 174.3 million dollars. Globally, Rise of the Beasts there is a running cume 278 million dollars.

China leads the play with $60.6 million to date, followed by Mexico with 13 million dollars, PERU and $9.1 million, Indonesia with 8.2 million dollars and France AND uk and $6.1 million.

Still to come is Australia/New Zealand next week and Japan on August 4th.

Sony Animation Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is heading towards the next historical moment with 489.3 million dollars until Sunday globally. International Trap Weekend 27.6 million dollars for one 209 million dollars revenue to date in 60 markets. Japan opened this session with $2.8 million for the best opening of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with 82%. Korea releases this week.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid grossed another $15.3 million in 52 markets this frame, bringing its international cume to $212.4 million and its global cume to $466 million. Offshore decline this session was 50%. The top 5 markets are the UK ($27.5 million), Mexico ($19.7 million), Brazil ($14.8 million), Italy ($12.3 million) and Australia ($11.9 million).

Meanwhile, Universal X fast is still humming, surpassing the international total of Fast & Furious 6 with 534.2 million dollars after one 9.3 million dollars frame in 84 markets. The global total is now 676.6 million dollars. China has earned $136.6 million to date.

The movie Super Mario Bros (UNI): $3.57M international weekend (81 markets); $754.6 million international/$1.327 billion global
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (DIS): $2.9 million international weekend (52 markets); $476.5 million international / $821 million global
Boogeyman (DIS): $1.8 million international weekend (50 markets); $18.6M International / $51.4M Global
Asteroid City (UNI): $1.4 million international weekend (18 markets); $1.73M International / $2.52M Global
M3GAN (UNI): $588K international weekend (Japan only); $83.8M international / $178.8M global



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