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Free agents and future decisions

Free agents and future decisions

The Denver Nuggets’ 2023 offseason plans are officially underway. The Nuggets accomplished what most people thought was impossible and are now your world champions, but that doesn’t mean they’re satisfied, not for a single second.

This team is expected to be very good for a very long time. You didn’t win by luck, chance or an unfavorable season; They dominated their way to the NBA Championship with a 16-4 postseason record, losing just one game at home and even winning the Western Conference Finals.

But it’s one thing to win a championship and quite another to be competitive. Everything can change in the blink of an eye in the NBA, and that’s why we’re going to take a deep dive into some of them today Nuggets offseason rumors and what they need to do to stay on top of their game.

Nuggets 2023 offseason plans

Like every single team in the league, the Nuggets must look for ways to improve. Everyone will be aiming for their crown and figuring out how to stop Nikola Jokic and his offensive flow and they won’t have as much money to strengthen their squad.

The Nuggets front office has done a solid job, making moves and signings that may not seem as impactful at first, but end up having a big impact. We have Aaron Gordon, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Bruce Brown as prime examples.

Some free agents will want to join Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, not only for the great chance to win an NBA championship, but also because the nuggets are actually quite entertaining and fun to watch. But what can you do? Let’s take a look.

Nugget free agents

The Nuggets will likely lose some veterans, as DeAndre Jordan and Thomas Bryant barely stepped on the court in the playoffs, so there isn’t much incentive to bring them back. Jeff Green and Ish Smith can continue to provide depth at a reasonable price, while Reggie Jackson can test the field before making a decision.

Of course, they will likely lose Bruce Brown and that could become a huge problem after all he has done for them on both ends of the floor this season. He has a big payday ahead of him and the Nuggets may not be able to give him what he’s worth, especially with this new CBA coming into effect soon.

Don’t fix what ain’t broke

Fortunately, it’s not like the patches have too many obvious gaps to fill or too many needs or problems to solve. With that in mind, most of the Nuggets’ free agency goals for 2023 should focus solely on adding depth and rounding out their already solid roster.

Michael Malone recently stated that he has thought through every single decision about how Nikola Jokic might fit in or the impact he might have on him, and that will continue to be his modus operandi as long as the man the big Serb is in town.

We don’t expect any major changes in their philosophy or roster.

Bruce Brown out, Chris Brown in

As we mentioned when discussing the Nuggets’ upcoming free agents, the departure of Bruce Brown could be a blow. His work as a runner has done wonders for him offensively when Jokic is in doubles, and he’s even knocked down a few 3-pointers from time to time. His defensive energy is unmatched, and despite his size — or lack thereof — he was surprisingly efficient blocking the one-on-five.

But as much as they’d hate to lose Brown, they may already have a replacement for him. Christian Braun made game-winning plays on both ends of the court his entire rookie season, even in the playoffs.

He made the most of his touches, embraced his role and, most importantly, played hard with every possession. He is now a winner at every level and could be ready to take on a bigger role next season and continue his progression within the organization.

Close Jamal Murray

Given what we’ve already discussed, the focus of the Nuggets’ 2023 offseason plans should be Jamal Murray and his contract extension. He’s signed for the next few years, but the Nuggets would like to keep him with the team as long as Jokic is there.

Jokic’s contract runs until the 2027/28 season and Murray has shown no desire or hint that he wants to quit. The team has stuck by him through the injuries, and he’ll likely get revenge by extending his stay at the Mile High for more years. It’s a heavenly bond.

A dynasty in the making?

The Nuggets don’t have to do much to be the next dynasty in the league. They already have one of the greatest centers in NBA history, and their core of Michael Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon, Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic will stay together for at least two more seasons.

Jokic is an indomitable force of nature. He is the only scoring center that has ever been in this game and will likely set the stage for a big man revolution. Everyone will build their team based on what they have achieved this season. So why change anything?


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