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Graff Butterfly Collection: Glamour Meets New Beginnings

Graff Butterfly Collection: Glamour Meets New Beginnings

Graff Butterfly Jewelry 2023 Campaign
Rianne van Rompaey stars in Graff Butterfly jewelry collection campaign. Photo: Mikael Jansson

Graff, a name synonymous with dazzling elegance, is shining a spotlight on its new Butterfly jewelry collection with a captivating campaign. Featuring the striking presence of model Rianne van Rompaey, the imagery is lensed by Mikael Jansson in the scenic beauty of France’s Villa La Vigie.

Graff Butterfly Collection 2023 Campaign

The Graff Butterfly campaign displays exceptional diamonds, styled by Emmanuelle Alt, alongside wardrobe choices that underline the purity and bold elegance of the pieces. The redhead model dons a white tank top in one scene, while another shows a cut-out top paired with black pants, posing next to a retro car that gives a touch of timeless chic to the imagery.

A timeless appeal: Graff's Butterfly collection revealed.
A timeless appeal: Graff’s Butterfly collection revealed. Photo: Mikael Jansson

But the collection is more than just beauty; it’s a symbol. The Butterfly collection carries the message of transformation and new beginnings, representing the creative evolution of the jewelry brand. This isn’t Graff’s first leap into creating an engaging narrative through jewelry. Previously, they had featured Grace Elizabeth in a bridal campaign, where she posed alongside her husband.

Rianne van Rompaey dazzles in Graff's latest Butterfly collection.
Rianne van Rompaey dazzles in Graff’s latest Butterfly collection. Photo: Mikael Jansson

What’s unique about the Butterfly Collection’s unveiling is the craftsmanship behind it. Chief Marketing Officer Bernadette Kennedy emphasizes the meticulous and effective effort that has gone into reshaping Graff’s visual identity in a press release. This includes reviving historical visual cues such as the iconic green color, refining the logo, and creating a new monogram.

Graff's new Butterfly pieces: a symbol of style's evolution.
Graff’s new Butterfly pieces: a symbol of style’s evolution. Photo: Mikael Jansson

Kennedy expresses both honor and privilege in guiding the iconic jewelry brand into a new era, playing a key role in redefining its visual presence to resonate with a contemporary audience. The campaign symbolizes both the transformation of the collection and the evolving identity of the brand itself.


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