Home Sport How some Kansas high school football teams are braving the heat

How some Kansas high school football teams are braving the heat

How some Kansas high school football teams are braving the heat

In some places, the first week of practice may be the most dangerous of the entire high school football season. Even if the contact is less, the season, which begins at the hottest time of the year, poses other dangers. In particular, teams must find a way to avoid heat-related illnesses, which can sometimes be fatal.

One of the hottest states to start high school training today is Kansas, where the temperature is reported to be around 108 degrees Fahrenheit Jonathan Hull of the Times Record.

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Several coaches and athletic trainers spoke to Record about the issue, including Electra head coach Josh McKiddy, who used that clear right hook to denounce coaches who push their players too far in the heat.

“We’ve been practicing it all summer… Be aware of the excessive heat and watch out for your kids. Occasionally you hear stories of children getting sick because coaches don’t consider the impact the heat can have on children. If you’re that stubborn you’ll ignore it, well, that’s a pretty big personal issue.”

As for the specifics, some schools start their practice early in the morning — like Hirschi and Wichita Walls, who start practice at 8 a.m. today. Other schools have made hydration compulsory.

In some cases, such as a county, there are also hard limits not allowing outdoor exercise when the heat index reaches 111.

McKiddy added: “UIL [University Interscholastic League] needed safety training covering what to look for in the event of heat stroke, but we are taking steps beyond that,” he noted. “We created an action plan so different trainers know where the nearest ice machine is and things like that. Each coach has a different responsibility for who to contact or what to do in an emergency.”

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