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I’m not just the son of an NBA player.

I’m not just the son of an NBA player.

Kiyan Anthony and Overtime released the first episode of The evolutionthe new YouTube show starring high school basketball player and son of NBA legend Carmelo Anthony.

About 12 minutes long first episode of the show Contains highlights from the game and the AAU, practice material and some videos on the hardtop.

While Anthony said he wanted to “show the world that I’m not just the son of an NBA player,” much of the episode revolved around the relationship with Melo.

During his childhood, Anthony spoke to a group of friends about the Black Ops team that Carmelo helped build. As a Long Island Lutheran (Glen Head, NY). As he grew older as a shooting guard, the father realized that he plays the game because he enjoys it, not just because his father enjoys it.

“Once he told me he wanted it — then that’s the result,” Melo said.

“Me and my dad, behind the scenes is another father-son relationship,” Anthony said. “Since he’s in the NBA and my mom (La La Anthony) is an actress, it opens more doors for us all.”

Much of the footage in the overtime came from practicing with his friends under the tutelage of Carmelo, who said he was very focused on conditioning with the teens. The dad laughed as he told the cameraman, “They thought they were going to come in here and do dribbling practice and shit.”

Anthony also spent a large portion of the video reminiscing about the Team Melo AAU game against the Florida Rebels.

Anthony responded to his offer at Syracuse, saying there was a chance he could go to the same school his father went to in 2002/2003. That’s not a sure thing though – Anthony is rated a four-star athlete by 247Sports and has 17 bids including from Maryland, Michigan and Tennessee. After two more years of high school before graduating in 2025, Anthony is the site’s #10 overall shooting guard and the #1 player in New York.

“I’m trying to get into the NBA and I’m trying to produce in the NBA,” Anthony said. “I want to prove that I’m one of the best players in the country.”

La La said, “It’s incredible to have a father and a teacher like Melo who shows you so many things, but it’s also important to make your own way.” And I think that’s what he’s doing .”


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