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‘Inside Out 2’ Living The Life Of Riley On Way To $250M+ Global Bow

‘Inside Out 2’ Living The Life Of Riley On Way To $250M+ Global Bow

SATURDAY UPDATE: In an ongoing phenomenal start, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 continues to exceed projections and spread joy to the industry, now looking at a potential debut of $250M+ worldwide, including $140M+ from domestic and $110M+ at the international box office. In both cases, there is the possibility of upside once we get through Sunday.

As of Friday, the global total on the Kelsey Mann-directed sequel is $110.8M. Of that, $48.8M is from 38 material overseas markets (recall, IO2 doesn’t go in such majors as France, Italy, Spain, China and Brazil until next weekend, with Japan set for August 1).

In the currently open offshore markets and at today’s exchange rates, it’s estimated that Inside Out 2 is performing 209% ahead of 2015’s Inside Out, 80% over Toy Story 4, 79% more than Incredibles 2, 69% above Minions: The Rise of Gru, 57% ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4 and 11% above Frozen 2.

Part of what’s driving overseas emotions is Latin America which is simply on fire — all markets in the region have opened at No. 1, delivering $24M to date and 87% market share and seeing a 14% increase from Thursday to Friday. Smaller markets are also feeling the film beyond expectations. 

Meanwhile, Korea jumped 214% from Friday to Saturday, now with $9.5M through Saturday (not included in the international cume above).

The major opener on Friday was the UK with $3.3M at No. 1 and the 5th highest launch day for a Pixar movie (others have opened in summer). Scotland was playing Germany on Friday in the Euro 2024 opener; while overall tournaments don’t have a marked effect on box office, when a local team is playing it can be a factor. We hear today looks strong.

To date through Friday on IO2, the Top 5 markets are Mexico ($12.4M), Korea ($4.1M), Philippines ($3.3M), UK ($3.3M) and Germany ($2.8M).

We will update again on Sunday.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: After beginning overseas rollout in just a handful of markets on Wednesday, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 added 23 more on Thursday, lifting the international box office cume through just two days to $22.3M

The only majors to go so far are Korea and Germany on Wednesday (see previous story below), and Australia and Mexico on Thursday. The UK comes on board today.

Mexico is already the biggest grossing market of the pack, taking $5.7M yesterday and scoring the 3rd highest animated opening day of all time, and 9th industry debut day overall. The launch day was 2x higher than the first Inside Out, 3x bigger than Kung Fu Panda 4 and 2.6x over Minions: The Rise of Gru. IO2 came in with a 90% market share.

Along with other markets (see below), this is simply a joyous start. Typically with an animated film, it’s more about the weekend when the family audience really comes out. However, with these early offshore numbers, it is assured that Inside Out 2 exceeds pre-opening overseas and global projections — domestic on Thursday clocked the best previews of the year so far. Meanwhile, recall that such majors as France, Italy, Spain, China and Brazil are all opening next weekend while Japan goes on August 1.

In current play, there have been several best-opening-days ever for Pixar, and for an animated title overall. To date, it has enjoyed the highest animated opening day of all time in Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Ukraine and Kazakhstan; and the best for Pixar in Korea, Israel, Paraguay, Uruguay, Hungary, Lebanon, Serbia and Slovakia. 

Apart from Mexico, other Latin America bows on Thursday included Argentina with the 2nd best animated opening day of all time, behind only Toy Story 4. The launch was 2.5x higher than Rise of Gru and 2.5x higher than The Super Mario Bros Movie with a big 92% industry market share.

In Asia-Pacific,  Australia delivered the 3rd highest opening day of 2024 to date and the highest animated opening of 2024 with $600K. That’s 183% ahead of Inside Out, 93% ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4 and 80% above Rise of Gru.

Other notables include Taiwan with the 2nd highest opening day of 2024; Singapore with the 4th best Pixar start ever and best animated launch day this year, well above comps. 

In Europe, Denmark gave IO2 the 3rd best Pixar start ever, also above comps. 

The Top 5 markets through Thursday are Mexico ($5.7M), Korea ($2.3M/$4M including Friday which is not reflected in the overall cume above); Philippines ($2.3M), Germany ($1.7M) and Central America ($1.2M).

More to come throughout the weekend.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY: Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 had its first full day of play at the international box office on Wednesday with No. 1 starts in each of its eight material markets, including strong debuts in majors Korea and Germany as well as the Philippines. The total through day one overseas is $4.9M. Majors joining through Friday include Australia, Mexico and the UK.

On Wednesday, the Kelsey Mann-directed sequel grossed $1.5M in the Philippines for the 3rd biggest opening day of all time, only behind Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. The start, falling on Independence Day in the market, was 7x higher than the original Inside Out and over 22x above Kung Fu Panda 4.

IO2 scored the biggest opening day ever for a Pixar title in Korea with an estimated $1.4M. This is 267% above the launch of the first Inside Out, 144% ahead of The Super Mario Bros Movie and 33% over Minions: The Rise of Gru. The Korea total through Thursday (not reflected in the overall cume above) is an estimated $2.35M.

Early social and audience scores are terrific in Korea with Naver: 9.20/CGV: 97% — those are higher than Inside Out, Kung Fu Panda 4 and Rise of Gru. The CGV score is just one percentage point behind that of Elemental.

In Germany, Riley are her emotions nabbed the 3rd biggest start ever for Pixar at $1M and came in 95% higher than 2015’s Inside Out. Audience scores on Moviepilot are ahead of comps at 8.0 (Inside Out: 7.8, Elemental: 6.8, Kung Fu Panda 4: 6.1, Rise of Gru: 6.1).

Elsewhere, Israel gave the film the biggest Pixar opening day ever with $414K and Poland bowed with a $244K start that was 215% ahead of Inside Out.

In Thailand, IO2 landed the biggest animated opening of the year and the biggest Hollywood animated opening day post-pandemic at $117K which is 131% ahead of Super Mario Bros, 110% ahead of Rise of Gru and 31% below Inside Out.

Through Friday, the Amy Poehler-starrer will be out in 62% of the international landscape. Australia and Mexico open today with the UK kicking off tomorrow. Domestic previews begin today. Sitting out this session and going next weekend are France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and China. Japan goes August 1.

We will have updates throughout the weekend.


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