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Justin Turner Red Sox Trade Rumors 2023: Possible Trades

While the Red Sox are still within striking distance of a wild card, rumors are rife that Justin Turner will make a move to the Red Sox in 2023. While he isn’t among the top players available, the 38-year-old can still hit and brings a lot to the table for a potential candidate.

The caveat is that recent news of the Red Sox trade deadline still leaves uncertainty as to whether Boston will be a buyer or seller by the deadline, complicating some of the 2023 Justin Turner Red Sox trade rumors.

Top trade targets for Justin Turner in 2023

If the Red Sox decide to sell, there will certainly be plenty of potential Justin Turner deals on the table. After all, Turner has had a productive year and brings a lot of postseason experience to the table.

That should encourage the Red Sox to explore their options and could eventually make a Turner trade more likely. That’s why we decided to go through all the Justin Turner Red Sox trade rumors in 2023 and come up with a list of the five teams most likely to trade Turner before the deadline.


The Padres aren’t exactly in the best position to secure a playoff spot right now. However, given their pre-season expectations, they could take a step or two down the stretch to improve their chances of a strong second-half push. If that happens, San Diego will likely target a player like Turner. Keep in mind that the Padres just parted ways with Nelson Cruz, leaving an empty roster spot for a right-handed DH.

Turner would definitely be the right man to fill the spot vacated by Cruz. Given the season Turner is having right now, he will likely become the full-time DH in San Diego and take the bats off Matt Carpenter, who was also having a down season. Turner could even see some time at first base with the Padres as Jake Cronenworth has had a poor season while shortstop Brandon Dixon hasn’t produced much in his chances.


San Francisco was a fringe playoff contender at the start of the season, but the Giants look like the real deal now. This will get them to the market within the deadline, asking for help. The fact that Turner is a former Dodger could make the Giants more willing to trade him, allowing Turner to prove to his former team that they should have tried harder to keep him.

To fill a need, Turner could become San Francisco’s right-handed DH option alongside Joc Pederson, which would allow Wilmer Flores and JD Davis to play the outfield every day. With Thairo Estrada injured, the Giants could use a little more power in their lineup. Turner may even play some games at second base.

Pederson could also play a few more games in the outfield with a DH like Turner and help the Giants recover from some of the injuries at that position.


The Guardians will likely have an uphill battle with the Twins atop the AL Central all season long. Any improvements to Cleveland’s roster could make a difference in the long run.

While finding a replacement for an injury-riddled rotation is likely a bigger priority for the Guardians right now, Cleveland also needs to look for an offensive boost, which is why Turner should be on their radar.

Josh Bell and Josh Naylor have shared the DH spot for most of the season while also handling most of the first base duties. Naylor has had a good season, but Bell has flopped. Bell was particularly bad against lefties, so Turner would fit in well at DH against lefties, bolstering Cleveland’s lineup and benching Bell.

Turner could also rotate to first base and take more time away from Bell if he produces, making him a valuable trade target for guards.


Most people probably don’t remember that Turner made his big league debut with the Orioles. It would be a nice subplot for him to return to Baltimore late in his career, especially now that the Orioles are current playoff contenders. If there’s one area where the surging Orioles are clearly lacking, it’s in experienced players. Given Turner’s extensive playoff experience while in Los Angeles, he would be an excellent addition to Baltimore’s roster.

Right now, the Orioles don’t have anyone who could be considered a full-time DH, which opens the door for Turner to get plenty of work as long as he’s performing. There could also be a chance for Turner to play second base in Baltimore. Adam Frazier has had some ups and downs this year, batting under .200 against lefties, which opens the door for Turner to get some at-bats as a second baseman.

Of course, with all the intangibles Turner would bring to the young Orioles, it would be icing on the cake if he were to return to Baltimore.


For the first time in a long time, it is uncertain whether the Astros will even make the playoffs this year. They trail Texas in the AL West and are in the midst of a packed wild-card race. That means Houston needs to make some improvements within the final day to get into the postseason where Turner comes into play.

With Jose Altuve on the IL, the Astros could use some at-bats at second base from a veteran like Turner. Even with Altuve back, it wouldn’t hurt to give him the day off, especially if Turner is available.

Moving Turner would also give Houston another option at DH since Yordan Alvarez has been sidelined. With Corey Julks getting more playing time in left field, the DH field is a bit more open for a midseason signing like Turner.



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