Home Fashion Kate Moss x Diet Coke: Check out her ’90s-inspired ad

Kate Moss x Diet Coke: Check out her ’90s-inspired ad

Kate Moss x Diet Coke: Check out her ’90s-inspired ad

Kate Moss x Diet Coke 2023 campaign
Kate Moss poses for Diet Coke by Kate Moss Love What You Love Season 2 Campaign. Photo: Diet Coke

Popular supermodel Kate Moss joins forces with Diet Coke again for the second season in the role of creative director. Kate Moss’ Love What You Love Diet Coke campaign promises to be a fascinating exploration of style and self-expression.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming campaign, Moss exudes a glamorous ’90s supermodel vibe, showcasing her iconic fashion sense and timeless beauty. In one image, Moss dazzles in a stunning gold gown that features a bold plunging neckline, perfectly capturing her effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Kate Moss x Diet Coke Season 2

Kate Moss 2023 Diet Head Gold Dress
Supermodel Kate Moss is stunning in a gold dress for the Diet Coke campaign. Photo: Diet Coke

Posing against the backdrop of the piers, she effortlessly merges the worlds of high fashion and urban grit. This glamorous ensemble is the creation of talented stylist and close friend of Moss, Katy England.

In another image, Moss wears an alluring black dress adorned with gold chains, accompanied by a collection of gold chain necklaces, bracelets and sparkling earrings. The ensemble speaks volumes for the star’s ability to perfectly blend chic with elegance, making a powerful fashion statement.

The model’s creative endeavors extend beyond Kate Moss x Diet Coke. Earlier this year, she graced the summer campaign for Bottega Veneta and starred in resort ads for Marc Jacobs, further cementing her status as a style icon.


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