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Movie Review: ELEMENTAL (2023): Peter Sohn’s Disney/Pixar film is a truly heartfelt, magical movie experience

Ember Wade Elemental

Elemental Review

Elemental (2023) Movie reviewor movie run by peter sonwritten by John Hoberg, With Kat Liku AND within Hsueh and playing Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, ronnie delcarmen, Shila Ommi, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Catherine O’Hara, Mason Wertheimer, Ronobir Lahiri, joe pear, Matthew Yang King, Reagan To, Jeff LaPensee, Jonathan Adams, Alex Kapp AND PL Brown.

Disney/Pixar’s BASIC it’s the magic of filmmaking at its most ambitious and exciting. Director Peter Sohn’s new love story about fiery Ember (voice of Leah Lewis) and watery inspector Wade Ripple (voice of Mamoudou Athie) is an emotionally satisfying and, at times, hilarious animated film. It’s a tale of friendship, romance, fathers and daughters, and making satisfying life choices. Set in the Element City where the inhabitants of fire, water, earth and air coexist, BASIC is a bold and immensely enjoyable film that takes risks and manages to provide audiences with likable and memorable characters, written with heart and sincerity.

Ember seems to have a bit of a temper which manifests itself through her tantrums that occur at intervals throughout the film. She is the opposite of mild-mannered Wade. This movie uses the themes of “opposites attract” but plays out much more interestingly than the simplicity of that premise would suggest. BASIC is as good as some of Disney/Pixar’s best efforts and will have audiences in tears during some of the picture’s most moving moments.

As for the story line: Ember is next in line to take over her father Bernie’s (voiced by Ronnie Del Carmen) shop, which is geared towards Element City’s fire mob. There are significant pipe leaks that Wade cites the shop for. These violations must be corrected or the store will be closed. At first, Ember and Wade aren’t exactly romance-driven. Ember wants to save face with her father and erase the transgressions. Wade doesn’t seem to have much sympathy until Ember explains her side of the situation. Wade then sets out to help Ember in her quest to fulfill her father’s wish to retire and give the store to her. Cinder is the name of Ember’s mom and she is voiced beautifully by Shila Ommi.

There are some completely original sequences such as when Ember chases Wade and the two characters move to go through small passages. Wade wants to leave Ember at first, but Ember wants to make everything right in any way possible for her family. Ember’s family has struggled and Ember doesn’t want to see her parents lose everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. However, her temper is a bit of a problem. She gets angry at a customer who wants to get a free sparkler without paying for what entitles him to a free one. Through her relationship with Wade, Ember realizes her true passion in life and that she doesn’t want to run her father’s store. She wants to chart her own path and, in time, discovers that she wants to explore life with good-natured Wade by her side.

BASIC it may depict familiar themes, but it does so in a new way. This film takes risks and has fun with the material it presents to the audience. At a basketball game between airmen (what else?), Ember talks to a woman with inflatable air clouds present at the game who might be able to help her father’s store stay open. Ember starts talking about how the game players they’re watching are overpaid, and Ember suggests that empathy be considered for the issue of her family’s situation. Ember is a character with a literal fiery passion that is wonderfully voiced by Leah Lewis in the film’s standout performance. Lewis captures Ember’s complexity and sincerity to a tee.

While the film’s love story is definitely unique, it’s also easy to feel sympathetic and emotionally invested in the two would-be lovers in the film. They feel close because of their opposite natures. In one of the best scenes, fire and water come together as the lovers hold hands in the most subtle way possible to avoid any further complications and find their love above all else.

There are tear-jerking “elements” of the film that never feel dirty or manipulative. They flow naturally from character interaction and plot details that are revealed in the story line. There are definitely scenes that will make audience members cry, and they are handled with tremendous sensitivity and compassion.

Ember with her fancy dress outfits proves to be a perfect match for the ordinary Wade who has a big heart and a lot of love for Ember. Athie voices Wade extremely well adding a lot of charm and also creates a memorable characterization. We want to see Wade and Ember beat the odds that are stacked against them and follow their dreams.

The best part of BASIC it could be its musical score by Thomas Newman. This music drives the material as Ember pushes Wade to a point in order to try to be there for her father’s store and for her parents, not thinking about her dreams in life. Newman is one of the best in the business and it would be a crime for his job BASIC not to be recognized with an Oscar nomination. Newman’s score perfectly embodies all the themes of the film.

Disney/Pixar films strive to remind audiences of what is so wonderful about life by presenting characters who experience all the joys of existence in every living form. BASIC will move the audience in such a way that it’s easy to get 100% into the story and Ember is one of the best creations Disney/Pixar has ever come out with. While Merida from Brave stood as one of the most recognizable female animated characters for some time, Ember will easily stand beside her as a fantastic addition to the Disney/Pixar family.

It is an excellent choice for BASIC to end on such an inspiring note as it is. While Wade’s family in the film is known for their watery tears, Ember’s family is known for their fiery determination. When the independent Ember makes her choice to love and follow her dreams at the end of the film, it is a powerful representation of the ability to have the opportunity to make a difference in one’s existence by taking a stand that fulfills creative needs and emotional. . This is a great movie.


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