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Movie Review: SILVER HAZE: Vicky Knight excels in a character study that feels a little too mundane at times [Tribeca 2023]

Movie Review: SILVER HAZE: Vicky Knight excels in a character study that feels a little too mundane at times [Tribeca 2023]

Vicky Knight Silver Haze

Silver Haze Review

Silver Haze (2023) Movie review BY 22nd Tribeca Film Festivalor movie written and directed by Sacha Pole and playing Vicky Knight, Esme Creed-Miles, Charlotte Knight, Archie Bridgen, Angela Bruce, Brandon Bendell, Nicholas Bland AND Carrie Bunyan.

Silver Haze, directed by Sacha Polak, is a well-made story about family and the people we meet who can become our family. It’s an intentionally messy story of passionate love and how people’s emotions can deepen even if sometimes the ones we choose to love aren’t exactly right for us in the end.

This film is full of solid performances with two standout turns from the film’s lead actresses. Vicky Knight stars as a young woman named Franky, who is a burn victim from an event that happened over a decade ago. She now works as a nurse in a hospital and finds temporary solace in a relationship with an unpredictable woman who has survived a suicide attempt, Florence (Esme Creed-Miles). However, don’t think you know where this story is going, because you probably don’t. This picture plays as real as life itself and there are no answers to the tough questions it poses all the time.

Knight and Creed-Miles take this film into uncharted territory through intense performances that will bring the viewer back into the vivid and realistic world of the film. As romance begins to blossom between Franky and Florence, the audience may be able to predict that this is not a perfect romantic match. But that’s it. What happens next is fascinating to watch. Franky has had a relationship with a man and is now exploring her ambitions with someone who seems to understand her, but this new lover, Florence, is wild and erratic at times, which makes their relationship a bit strained. unstable and ends up creating some energy that is not. you don’t always focus in the right way.

Angela Bruce plays Florence’s grandmother, Alice, who befriends Frankie in one of the most superior aspects of this dramatic picture. Alice suffers from cancer and this makes her interaction with Frankie feel like it has an urgent nature that drives the scenes Bruce and Knight play out together in the picture. Bruce delivers a stark turn with the raw authenticity found in her work in this photo. Also in the film is Florence’s autistic brother, Jack (Archie Brigden), who also has struggles that also make the story feel realistic in terms of the relationships and themes it chooses to present. Of course, the film pits the Franky family against Florence with some subtle and powerful results all around. This, like life itself, is not a simple story. The complexity that Polak brings to the table here makes the film one to watch.

While Vicky Knight is fantastic in her role, the most surprising aspect of her performance is that it’s not meant to be the most spectacular in the film, but somehow stands out slightly above Creed-Miles’ work, which is still very good in the movie. what would initially appear to be the meatiest part. But Creed-Miles’ Florence isn’t the most likable character, and that’s what drives Frank away from her in several scenes. Creed-Miles takes a role that could have been simple and develops it through a series of intense scenes that will ring true to the viewer. Vicky Knight’s sister Charlotte Knight is also in the film as Leah, who has an interesting relationship with Frank throughout the film.

Silver Haze it takes its story to certain places it probably shouldn’t and that’s why it’s a brave film. Franky’s dissatisfaction with the past and present lead him to a destructive relationship with Florence, but meeting Florence’s family will eventually change the way Franky sees her life and future.

This picture certainly deals with a lot of difficult subjects, but it is a bit ordinary as a character study. It is a tale of anger, forgiveness, family and relationships. However, nothing dramatic happens per se during the course of the picture. Franky and Florence grow together and grow apart as characters in ways that will make the audience question what exactly their relationship is meant to symbolize. That said, Polak’s direction rarely hits a false note. Knight and Creed-Miles make their characters relatable, and because of the quality of the acting, Silver haze is a solid film that will appeal to those who enjoy stories of torn and broken characters trying to rebuild their lives and instead finding complicated challenges along the way.


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