Home Gadgets OKP L1 – Self-Charging Robot Vacuum w/ LIDAR Technology

OKP L1 – Self-Charging Robot Vacuum w/ LIDAR Technology

OKP L1 – Self-Charging Robot Vacuum w/ LIDAR Technology

When it comes to keeping your home sparkling clean, we all know just how energy-draining and time-consuming cleaning an entire house is. This is exactly when a smart robot vacuum cleaner comes in handy. In comparison to spending countless hours vacuuming around your home with a traditional vacuum, a robot vacuum can truly help to keep your house reasonably clean with almost zero effort, while also saving you a ton of time. Firstly, most smart robot vacuums now have a powerful suction, which allows them to efficiently collect most of the dust, dirt, hairs, pet dander, and other allergens from your floors. What’s even more impressive is that the latest robot vacuum models are also capable of intelligently navigating throughout your home thanks to their advanced navigation systems. So, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that’s reliable, affordable, and easy to operate and maintain, then the OKP L1 Robot Vacuum is a great option for you to go with.

The OKP L1 is a smart robot vacuum cleaner which features an intelligent navigation system that’s powered by LIDAR technology and advanced TOF sensors to build maps of your house in real-time, a Multi-Floor Mapping function that saves up to 3 maps of your home, up to 3800Pa of strong suction power, 3 cleaning modes including Silent, Standard, and Strong, and a 500ml HEPA filter dust bin for holding its collected dust and debris, while also boasting Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 150 minutes of battery life, a self-charging functionality that’s automatically activated when its battery goes below 15%, plus In-App controls via the OKP App for adjusting its suction settings, configuring cleaning schedules, and the ability to set up No-Go Zones for its mapped areas, and also Voice Assistant support to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Thanks to its many functionalities, this smart robot vacuum can take care of your weekly cleaning chores for you. With it, you can easily keep your home neatly clean on a regular basis.

In case you’re still not convinced, we’d welcome you to read our full review of the OKP L1, where we discuss everything that this smart robot vacuum cleaner has to offer you.


Starting with the OKP L1’s dimensions, this smart robot vacuum has a slim and compact size, measuring just 12.99 inches in diameter by 3.74 inches tall, which makes it capable of cleaning within tight corners and also fitting under tight furniture pieces like couches, beds, countertops, etc. The device is also rather lightweight, weighing just 9.83 lbs.

OKP L1 Robot Vacuum – Compact Dimensions

This robot vacuum also features an ultra-modern design. Its body comes in a gorgeous Grey’ish Blue color and is coated with a glossy finish, which gives it a stylish and discreet look. The same can also be said about its dedicated battery-charging station.

Modern Design

Furthermore, both the OKP L1 and its charging station also pack a sturdy and high-quality construction, as the outer shell from each of the two devices is built of a highly durable TPU plastic material.

Now, moving on to the robot vacuum’s main components. For its automated movement, this smart robot vacuum comes equipped with an omnidirectional wheel (integrated at its front-side) which works together with a set of two (x2) ultra-durable side wheels that are located at both sides of the robot’s base.

Equipped with an omnidirectional wheel and two side wheels

The OKP L1’s set of three wheels makes the robot vacuum capable of effectively moving over uneven surfaces that have an inclination / slope measuring up to 0.70 inches (18 mm) tall, such as doorsills, rails, and carpets.

Integrated at the front and at both sides of the robot’s body, there are also three (x3) built-in anti-collision sensors that allow it to any objects located around it, making it perfectly capable of avoiding colliding with those objects.

Equipped with 3 anti-collision sensors and 2 anti-drop sensors

Moreover, this robot vacuum also comes equipped with a set of built-in anti-drop sensors that make it capable of detecting any floor edges and ultimately prevent it from falling down from any sort of edge, whether that’s just a small set of steps or even an entire staircase.

For its vacuuming function, the OKP L1 utilizes a triple edge side cleaning brush that constantly rotates to effectively sweep any type of debris from the floor and pull those towards the center of the vacuum, including dust, dirt, and food crumbs, as well as loose hairs and pet dander (the package also includes an extra side brush for replacing the first one when necessary).

Equipped with a triple edge side brush

All of that collected dust and debris is then pulled into the robot’s rotating roller brush (its main brush), which is integrated at the center of its base, between its side wheels.

Equipped with a rotating roller brush

The OKP L1’s vacuuming is powered by a built-in brushless motor, which features a very strong suction power that can go up to 3800Pa when setting the robot to work on its most powerful cleaning mode. The robot boasts three (x3) different cleaning modes, including Silent (a low-level suction power), Standard (medium suction power), and Strong (its highest suction power).

Features a strong suction power that can go up to 3800Pa

It’s also worth noting that this smart robot vacuum can intelligently detect carpets and increase its suction power accordingly to the type of surface that it is trying to clean, which allows it to effectively collect debris at all times, even from thick carpets and small crevices like doorsills.

Despite its strong suction power, this robot vacuum still features a fairly quiet operation, working at a much quieter noise-level than a regular vacuum by far.

For storing its collected dust and debris, this robot vacuum comes equipped with a 500ml dust bin, which also integrates a removable HEPA filter and a filter sponge, which very effectively traps any fine particles that the robot captures within its pathway. Note that its 500ml dust bin allows the OKP L1 to hold significantly more dust and debris than many other models of smart robot vacuums that are currently available on the market.

Comes equipped with a 500ml dust bin that integrates a removable HEPA filter and a filter sponge

In addition to the HEPA filter and filter sponge that already come pre-equipped onto its 500ml dust bin, this robot vacuum also comes with an additional HEPA filter and an additional filter sponge that can both be used for replacing the first HEPA filter set once you notice that it has become overused.

Lastly, for its movement during its entire automated cleaning process, the OKP L1 utilizes an intelligent high-end LIDAR navigation system that’s powered by LIDAR FreeMove 3.0 technology and advanced TOF (Time-of-Flight) sensors, which makes it capable of knowing exactly what type of surface it is cleaning and also knowing exactly where it is cleaning, whether that’s the floor, on top of a carpet, or even under a piece of furniture like a sofa or a bed.

The robot’s movement is powered by an ntelligent high-end LIDAR navigation system

On top of its LIDAR navigation system, this smart robot vacuum also boasts a Multi-Floor Mapping function that allows it to save up to 3 maps of your home with multiple floors at a time.

The robot’s LIDAR System also boasts a Multi-Floor Mapping function


For establishing a wireless connection with its mobile App, the OKP L1 utilizes Wi-Fi Connectivity (supporting only 2.4GHz networks, and not 5GHz).


For its power, this smart robot vacuum comes equipped with a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery that offers users up to 150 minutes of battery life.

As mentioned before, the robot also boasts a self-charging functionality, which is automatically activated whenever its battery power drops below 15%. Once that happens, the robot automatically travels back to its dedicated charging station and starts recharging its battery back to 100% power.

Note that the robot’s charging station is powered by a 19V / 0.6A power adapter.


For controlling the robot’s different functionalities, you simply have to install the OKP App on your smartphone, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.


Via the OKP App, users can conveniently adjust the robot’s suction settings by selecting a specific cleaning mode, and can also configure different cleaning schedules for the robot to automatically start cleaning at those programmed time frames.


Moreover, users can also set up No-Go Zones for the robot’s mapped areas in order to prevent it from accessing specific areas of their home.



Voice Assistant Support

Last of all, the OKP L1 also features Voice Assistant support for the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to control the robot’s main functionalities (including its power, its cleaning mode, and even stop its current cleaning schedule) with simple voice commands.


The OKP L1 comes very well packed inside a high-quality cardboard box.

Everything comes neatly packed inside the box

Inside each package, users will find: their OKP L1 Robot Vacuum, along with the robot’s charging station and its power adapter, two (x2) side brushes, a replacement filter sponge and replacement HEPA filter, and also a User Manual.

Box Contents


All in all, this is a really reliable robot vacuum, as it integrates all the smart functionalities you’d want to have in a smart robot vacuum cleaner. Its strong suction power ensures a very thorough cleaning process throughout all types of surfaces and flooring, while its 500ml HEPA filter dust bin can hold quite a lot of dust and debris before needing to be emptied. Plus, its LIDAR navigation system makes it capable of very efficiently mapping out the layout of all the floors in your home. Best of all, this robot vacuum is also very easy to configure and control via its mobile App or via voice commands.

OKP L1 Robot Vacuum

If you’re interested in purchasing it, know that each unit is currently discounted from its future retail price $686.54, and is now going for just $198.88 (saves you $487.66) for a limited time only. You can order yours online directly from OKP Life’s Amazon Store page.

We’d also like to mention that the company (OKP) is also hosting a summer giveaway from which you can win a OKP L1 Robot Vacuum and also an Amazon Gift Card. Click the link ahead to participate in OKP Robot’s Grand Giveaway.


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