Home Sport Ronaldo is still Portugal’s leader in EURO 2024

Ronaldo is still Portugal’s leader in EURO 2024

Ronaldo is still Portugal’s leader in EURO 2024

Roberto Martinez and his team won tickets to EURO 2024 as the only team to win all the qualifying stages. They own a squad of many stars playing in the top 5 European leagues. But in the end, everything still revolves around Cristiano Ronaldo as it should.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still the fulcrum of Portugal’s attack.

When Roberto Martinez took the hot seat left by Fernando Santos, in January 2023, it seemed like the right time for a new start. It cannot be denied that the change on the coaching bench brings opportunities for the future, however, the Spanish strategist still cannot eliminate CR7 at the present time.

At the tournament taking place in Germany, in the context that Goncalo Ramos is not in good form after a forgettable time at PSG, and Diogo Jota is too sensitive to injuries, it is almost certain that the 39-year-old veteran will be the winner. Number one choice for Portugal’s striker position.

The clearest evidence showing the importance of the former Real Madrid player to the national team lies in the number of matches he participated in in the qualifying phase. Only Bruno Fernandes (10) has started more matches than Cristiano Ronaldo. The only match he missed was the match against Luxembourg because of suspension.

In terms of total minutes played, only Bruno Fernandes (844) and Ruben Dias (810) played more than the 39-year-old striker (726). He scored 10 goals in 9 appearances, at least 4 more goals than any Portuguese player, and only Romelu Lukaku (14) did better than CR7.

Under Roberto Martinez, he is trying to build the idea of ​​a more diverse attacking team, but still needs Cristiano Ronaldo. The Al-Nassr star uses his experience and killer instinct to kick into the opponent’s net, although he rarely participates in the ball development process.

In fact, if the Spanish strategist wants to get rid of his student and replace him with a younger striker, that is still not possible at the present time, because in all respects. edge, The former Real Madrid striker still beats Goncalo Ramos or Diogo Jota.

Roberto Martinez still needs Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the club level, in the top 5 European leagues, the Portuguese player with the most goals is Goncalo Ramos with 11 goals, the two names behind are Bruno Fernandes (10), Diogo Jota (10). in the colors of Manchester United and Liverpool. The achievements are too modest for fans to put all their trust in.

Although time has caught up with Cristiano Ronaldo, and this may also be his “last dance” in the national team shirt, at EURO 2024, the 39-year-old veteran will still be the number 1 hope in attack. “European Selecao”.

Tran Huy Truong | 00:00 November 30, 2001


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