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See the New Perfume Ad

See the New Perfume Ad

Ever Anderson Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild Flower Perfume Ad
Ever Anderson is the face of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Wild Flower perfume ad. Photo: Nick Newbold

Marc Jacobs debuts Daisy Wild eau de parfum, an enchanting addition to its beloved Daisy fragrance line. The campaign radiates a youthful spirit through the lens of Nick Newbold, featuring actress Ever Anderson alongside models Erin Kim and Marlee Guillory.

The images capture a blend of nature and the vivaciousness of youth. The stars pose outdoors, gazing into the camera while modeling all-white looks. The visuals place the light green, whimsically topped Daisy Wild bottle in the limelight, suggesting a return to nature with every spritz of the spring perfume.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild Eau de Parfum Campaign

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild Flower Perfume Ad
Marlee Guillory, Ever Anderson, and Erin Kim pose in the serene outdoors for Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild eau de parfum campaign. Photo: Nick Newbold

Daisy Wild unfolds its petals with an unexpected banana blossom accord, beckoning the senses into a vibrant dance of scents. The heart of the fragrance blooms with the richness of jasmine intertwined with the nutty, creamy notes of macadamia accord, crafting fresh and deeply comforting notes.

As the scent wears on, the enduring warmth of sandalwood and the earthy sophistication of vetiver des sables form a base that roots the wearer.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild Flower Eau de Parfum Bottle
The Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild eau de parfum bottle: a delicate grasp on nature. Photo: Nick Newbold

This new scent is a statement of sustainability. With refillable options, Marc Jacobs ensures that the allure of Daisy Wild can be enjoyed time and again, reducing environmental impact and reinforcing a commitment to the earth that inspires its collection.

The Daisy Wild bottle, dressed in a medley of white, pink, and green flowers, mirrors the perfume’s celebration of the wild and beautiful.


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