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Shocking decision at Old Trafford

Shocking decision at Old Trafford

According to Telegraph, Manchester United players were shocked. The reason is that they thought that Erik ten Hag would be fired, but eventually discovered that the Dutch coach remained at the club.

Accordingly, Man United players only discovered that the club decided to keep Ten Hag when the news was made public throughout the media.

Ten Hag will still be the head coach of Man Utd next season.

Last week, all the players thought Ten Hag would leave the club and still believed that was the most likely scenario after Man United’s owners completed a review of the entire season.

At this time, most of Man Utd’s stars are focusing on the team to prepare for EURO 2024 or Copa America 2024. That means they are largely unaware of internal information and any decisions related to Ten Hag. kept confidential.

A source told Telegraph Sport: “Man Utd players reacted strongly to this news. It all seemed so sudden. They really don’t know what’s going on.”

Man United spoke to a number of potential candidates, most notably Thomas Tuchel, before they decided to keep Ten Hag. When Man Utd conducted negotiations with other coaches, the dressing room believed that Ten Hag’s time was only counted in days.

After all, everything was resolved. Despite being surprised by the decision, the players are said to be satisfied that all speculation regarding the manager’s position has ended and the club can now continue with plans for the transfer window. Summer concessions and beyond.

Ten Hag stayed after a long review process by Man Utd’s owners.

In fact, Ten Hag’s reign had many problems. But many people admit that the former Ajax coach helped Man Utd overcome the injury crisis and excellently defeated Man City in the FA Cup final.

Insiders are impressed with the way Ten Hag has handled the uncertainty about its future. Now, everyone believes that the best solution has been adopted and Ten Hag can rest assured to continue its team development plan.

Sources also dismissed the theory that Man United simply delayed Ten Hag’s departure while a suitable replacement was found. In other words, Man Utd owners are still inclined to keep the former Ajax coach from the beginning.

Man Utd even started negotiating with Ten Hag about extending the contract. Anyway, the decision has been made, Ten Hag will still be the coach of Man Utd next season.

Tieu Lam | 23:40 June 12, 2024


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