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Sony introduces FloatRun, headphones for runners • Gadget Universe

Sony introduces FloatRun, headphones for runners • Gadget Universe

Sony introduces FloatRun, a new headphone model designed specifically for runners. These headphones are Sony’s latest over-the-ear model, the speakers sit close to the ear but do not completely cover the ear canal, providing richer and more natural sound quality.

FloatRun Sony

FloatRun is specially designed for the shape of the runner’s head in order to provide a comfortable and stable experience while using it. These headphones are also very light in weight, only about 33 grams, so users will not be distracted and can focus on their surroundings while running.

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FloatRun headphones have a flexible neckband design that doesn’t come off when used on the go and a pressure-free design that doesn’t stick to the ear, so runners don’t have to worry about sweat or friction getting in the way. during training.

The 16mm drivers in the Float Run headphones combined with an over-the-ear design deliver a more natural and spacious audio experience, so there’s no compromise on sound quality.

Sony FloatRun

FloatRun has been tested on a variety of shapes and hairstyles, and has been tested with accessories, including hats and sunglasses. As a result, these headphones stay in runners’ ears thanks to the strong neckband design.

With IPX4 water resistance, Float Run users never have to worry about their headphones getting damaged by sweat or rain. In addition, these headphones have a long battery life of 10 hours when fully charged and only need 10 minutes to charge.

This product has been well received by crowdfunding and is now ready to be officially released. The Sony Float Run headphones will be available in Indonesia in mid-April 2023.

This device is also available for pre-order in Indonesia from March 20 to April 5, 2023, priced at IDR 1,999,000 and you will receive a free Soft Flask hydration pack for every Float Run purchase during the pre-order period.


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