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Texas Rangers 2023 Trade Rumors: Top Trade Targets

Texas Rangers 2023 Trade Rumors: Top Trade Targets

For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2016, it will be a welcome change because all the Texas Rangers trade rumors in 2023 are about adding rocks, not taking them.

The Rangers have already acquired one of the best players available at the deadline with the acquisition of Aroldis Chapman. But the Texas Rangers’ trade intentions won’t end with Chapman.

Rangers top trade targets by 2023 deadline

But what do the latest rumors of a Texas Rangers trade in 2023 say about the team’s plans leading up to the deadline? It’s safe to say the Rangers’ move to Chapman was just the beginning.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Texas Rangers’ trade targets and who they could acquire before the trade deadline.

Teoscar Hernandez

If the Mariners fail to make contention, Teoscar Hernandez could become a trade asset with Texas a potential target. The Rangers don’t exactly have a full-time left fielder, or even a full-time DH. Hernandez could fill one of those positions.

He would also add even more power to the Texas lineup from the right. Since Hernandez will be a free agent this winter, the trade price won’t be too high for him, which is good because the Rangers don’t have many prospects to trade. In fairness, Hernandez would be more of a luxury addition than filling a clear need. But he is certainly someone Rangers should keep an eye on.

Corey Dickerson

If a move isn’t feasible for Hernandez, Corey Dickerson may be a more realistic option. His salary is far less than what Hernandez is owed, and the Nationals have no reason to keep him if there is interest on the trade market. Additionally, as a lefty outfielder, Dickerson is a more natural drawing partner for Robbie Grossman, who has beaten lefty pitchers this year but struggled against righties.

Sure, Dickerson would be a more modest upgrade than Hernandez, but he fills a need for the Rangers.

Lane Thomas

If the Rangers are looking for an outfielder, Lane Thomas is the right player. He will have control of the team for two more years after this season, so Washington will have a tough deal. However, the Nats will trade him if the price is right. At the All-Star break, Thomas hit over .300 with 14 homers and an OPS of .844.

He would further strengthen the Texans’ outfield, making them stronger on defense while adding another productive slugger. It’s not the most obvious trade for a team like the Rangers who don’t have to give up a lot of chips, but dealing Thomas would be great from their perspective.

brad hand

Increasing bullpen depth at the deadline is important for a playoff team like the Rangers. That should have veteran lefty Brad Hand on their radar. Although Hand didn’t have a great season, the Rockies may be willing to trade him instead of picking up his $7 million option for next season.

Hand has postseason experience and wouldn’t cost a fortune in terms of prospects, so he’s a perfect fit for Texas.

Kyle Finnegan

In the right-back, Kyle Finnegan is a potential target for Rangers. He had a stellar year in Washington and would add even more depth in front of Chapman and Will Smith.

Of course, Finnegan still has two years of arbitration left, so he will cost a bit more than most players who are only on loan. But if Rangers feel they are set for the next few years, signing a replacement like Finnegan could be a short-term and long-term investment, potentially worth the potential capital it would take to acquire him.

Lance Lynn

Despite missing Jacob deGrom due to a season-ending injury, Texas’ rotation has held up well this season. Nathan Eovaldi and Jon Gray were the favourites, Martin Perez and Andrew Heaney were solid, and Dane Dunning put in a strong performance. But there’s no harm in some degree of injury protection, so a pitcher like Lance Lynn is a possible compromise.

Lynn hasn’t had a great season, but he has played at Texas before. The Rangers just need him as a late starter who can gobble up innings. It would also be affordable in terms of potential capital, making it a good option for Texas.

Lucas Giolito

If the Rangers feel they need a front-line starter who can take their rotation to the next level, Lucas Giolito could be a more suitable trade target. The downside is that Giolito is one of the best starters available on the trade market this summer.

The White Sox are sure to make him multiple offers, making it difficult for Texas to put together an enticing offer. But if they pull it off, a rotation of Eovaldi, Gray and Giolito would certainly put the Rangers in good stead for their chances in October.

Shei Ohtani

The closer the Angels get out of contention, the closer they get to replacing Shohei Ohtani. Somewhat surprisingly, in 2023 there were rumors of a trade between the Texas Rangers and Ohtani and the Rangers.

It might not be easy for the Angels to trade him to a division rival, but that won’t matter much considering Ohtani is just a loanee. Other than that, the Halos just want the best possible price-to-performance ratio. The caveat is that the Rangers may not have a good enough farm system. Therefore, trading a young player already playing in the big leagues for Ohtani may be necessary. But the Rangers would certainly welcome Ohtani as both a DH and a pitcher.

Based on what the Rangers have accomplished so far in 2023, adding Ohtani could potentially overachieve them.


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