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The 5 highest-grossing horror movies of 2023

The 5 highest-grossing horror movies of 2023

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Horror has been a bright spot on the cinematic landscape for the past few years, with many films – some even originally intended for broadcast – making it big at the box office.

No horror movie released in 2023 has yet topped the top horror movie of 2021, A Quiet Place: Part II ($160.2 million), or 2022 not ($123.2 million) – but the year is not over yet and new entries in AwakenedFrONt, AND Exorcist franchises (plus Disney’s Haunted mansion, out this weekend) will continue to hit theaters before the year is out. Here are the top five horror movies of 2023 so far, ranked by domestic gross. Note: this article will be updated as the year progresses.

#1: Scream VI

Paramount Pictures

Publication date: March 10

Opening weekend: 44.4 million dollars

Internal total: 108.1 million dollars

Paramount production fast-tracked to the sixth installment of the bawl franchise following its simply-titled immediate prequel bawl— became a bright spot on the Q1 2022 calendar, opening to $30 million in mid-January. Scream VI moved the action away from the franchise’s typical suburban setting, moving Ghostface and the rest to New York City. With $108.1 million, it earned:

  • +32% over 2022 bawl with 81.6 million dollars
  • +4% over the 1996 original bawl with 103.0 million dollars
  • +6% over 1997 Screaming 2 with 101.3 million dollars

Scream VI has the highest opening weekend ($44.4 million) and the series’ highest gross domestically, although adding international earnings, it trails the original bawl AND Screaming 2.

#2: M3GAN

Universal pictures

Publication date: January 6

Opening weekend: 30.4 million dollars

Internal total: 95 million dollars

This Blumhouse Productions title became a surprise hit for Universal, riding a wave of positive buzz to just $100 million in North America. Word of mouth was a big factor for this film; a clip from the trailer of the title character dancing achieved instant meme status upon release and was later parodied on “Saturday Night Live.”

A $30.4 million opening was followed by weeks of strong holdings, culminating in a $95 million total for this installment of the original horror IP. A sequel is scheduled for January 17, 2025.

#3: Undercover: The Red Door*

*still in theaters

Sony Pictures

Publication date: July 7

Opening weekend: 33.0 million dollars

Internal total: $71.1 million to date

Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and the original’s Ty Simpkins Secretly returning for the final installment of the franchise, with first-time feature director Wilson in the director’s chair. Compared to other films in Secretly series, The Red DoorThe opening falls in the middle of the pack: higher than the debut weekends of the first ($13.2 million) and third entries ($22.6 million), but still Undercover: Chapter 2arc of 40.2 million dollars.

#4: Dead evil rises

Warner Bros.

Publication date: April 21

Opening weekend: 24.5 million dollars

Internal total: 67.2 million dollars

with Dead evil rises, Warner Bros. grossed more at the box office than they originally planned—approximately $67.2 million more, given that the film was originally slated to be a stream-only release. Though its opening weekend came in at -5% less than Sam Raimi’s 2013 reboot of the original The Evil Deadtotal run for Arise overtook his predecessor by starting on the respective sixth days, a sign of positive word. all said, Arise finished about +24% over its predecessor’s $54.2 million total.

#5: boogeyman*

*still in theaters

20th Century Studios

June 2

Opening weekend: 12.3 million dollars

Internal total: $43.2 million to date

An adaptation of a short story by Stephen King, Boogeyman opened to a whopping $12.3 million upon its early June release; with $41.9 million in its fifth week of release, it will finish under $50 million. Compared to other Stephen King adaptations of the past decade, Boogeyman is performing slightly better than 2019 Doctor Sleep ($31.5 million) and 2013 Carrie ($35.2 million).


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