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The Art of Fashion Fusion

The Art of Fashion Fusion

H&M has unveiled its newest designer partnership, collaborating with, Rokh, a brand celebrated for its innovative approach to everyday wear. Led by Korean designer Rok Hwang, Rokh has garnered attention for transforming traditional attire with modern twists and custom features.

This exclusive line, set to debut on April 18, extends across womenswear and accessories, offering items such as dual-layered trench coats, dresses with detachable hems, corset-like tops, and office-ready bags. This collab follows up last year’s Paco Rabanne line.

The Rokh H&M collection showcases a palette of understated shades like khaki, black, and grey while introducing pops of pattern with checkered and floral prints, lending a sophisticated yet contemporary edge to the range.

Top models Amanda Murphy, Awar Odhiang, and Sora Choi appear in the lookbook images, showing the brand’s styles against minimal backdrops. Creative director Rok Hwang expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership in a statement, noting that Rokh’s designs maintain a classic look while embracing innovative constructions.

He believes this collaboration with H&M marks a significant milestone, enabling the brand to share its unique vision with a wider audience globally. The joint effort represents not only a fusion of styles and ideas but also the opportunity for customers to experience the timeless, yet radical approach Rokh applies to fashion design.

H&M x Rokh Collaboration Lookbook


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