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The Good Charcoal – Premium Acacia Hardwood Lump Charcoal

When it comes to cooking food on grills and barbecues that utilize charcoal as their source of heat, it’s important to use a trustworthy and high quality charcoal brand rather than using a regular brand of charcoal. Essentially, the higher the quality of your charcoal brand, the purer that charcoal will be, meaning that its composition will have at least over 80% of carbon content while also containing as little organic matter, moisture, and tar as possible, which will allow it to burn much more efficiently than charcoal from lower-quality brands. Moreover, charcoal of a lower-quality is also likely to contain harmful chemicals in its composition that are used just with the purpose of preserving the charcoal lumps for a longer time, and those chemicals not only are seriously harmful for the environment, but can also contaminate your grilled or barbecued food with toxic fumes that can be potentially bad for your health. With all that said, consider using a high quality charcoal brand like The Good Charcoal.

The Good Charcoal is a premium-quality hardwood lump charcoal that’s FSC-certified to be harvested responsibly and 100% chemical-free, as it is made from Namibian acacia wood, a denser wood than oak and hickory that allows it to burn hotter, longer, cleaner, and more evenly.

As anyone who loves grilling or barbecuing would know, good food deserves good charcoal! Not only will this charcoal add the best charcoal flavor to your grilled and barbecued foods in comparison to standard charcoal brands, but it’s also much better for the environment. With it, you’ll never go back to grilling or barbecuing with any other brand of charcoal, or even gas!

The Good CharcoalNow, let’s talk a little more about everything that makes the Good Charcoal such a special brand of charcoal and also go over how you’re meant to light it up for cooking.


When it comes to the Good Charcoal’s composition, as said before, this is a premium-quality hardwood lump charcoal that’s solely made from acacia trees that are harvested from the Namibian bush in Africa, which is a relatively denser wood than both oak and hickory.

The Good CharcoalThanks to that, it can burn hotter and longer so you’ll require a smaller amount of charcoal lumps for any time you’re grilling or barbecuing, can also burn cleaner allowing you to achieve a healthier grilled / barbecued food, and can also burn more evenly to ensure a more consistent and uniform flame all around.

Moreover, these charcoal lumps are also of a relatively decent size, meaning they’re not too large, nor too small, making them great for most average-size grills and barbecues.

Most importantly, it’s also worth mentioning that this premium acacia hardwood lump charcoal is the first and only 100% natural charcoal brand sold in the US that’s FSC-certified, which is a prestigious forest management certification that confirms that the acacia forest from where this charcoal is harvested / sourced from is being responsibly managed in a way that ensures the preservation of biological diversity and also benefits the lives of local people and workers, while also ensuring that its harvesting process can help to sustains economic viability in the future.


In terms of lighting up this charcoal, the process is quite simple. You first have to remove your grill’s / barbecue’s cooking grate and then position its chimney inside your grill / barbecue directly on top of the charcoal grate.

Remember to also place a tight bundle of paper (or fire starter) below the chimney, and then fill the top portion of the chimney with the desired amount of lump charcoal. Once that’s done, simply light the paper with a match or a fire wand.

In approximately 10 to 15 minutes, your Good Charcoal lumps should begin to turn into an ash gray color. When that happens, you can then empty the charcoal lumps from your grill’s / barbecue’s chimney onto its cooking grate.

Remember to spread out the lumps of charcoal evenly across the cooking grate for a consistent layer of heat. Finally, you just have to replace the cooking grate and then pre-heat the grill for another 10 to 15 minutes, and after that, you’re ready to start grilling or barbecuing.


If you’re interested in purchasing the Good Charcoal, know that it is currently available in 15.4 lbs. bags which sell for $19.99 per bag, and in 8 lbs. bags which sell for $14.99 each, and there’s also a 2-Pack of 15.4 lbs. bags that’s priced at $37.99.

Available in 15.4 lbs. bags and in 8 lbs. bags

You can order it online right now, either via The Good Charcoal’s official shopping page, from Home Depot’s website, and you can also get it from Amazon.

When purchasing via Home Depot’s website, shipping costs are already included, and profits from each 8 lbs. bag that’s purchased from HomeDepot’s website also go towards fighting food insecurity in America.

In addition, you can also find the Good Charcoal 15.4 lbs. bag available for purchasing at Sam’s Club locations nationwide, in case that would be your best option if you’re looking to pick up a bag near you, as well as in many other retail stores across the US, for which you can check out the location of those stores via this link.

The Good Charcoal
Sold at Sam’s Club stores


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