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The Truth vs. Alex Jones movie review (2024)

The Truth vs. Alex Jones movie review (2024)

One of the reasons for that is the remarkable access obtained by Reed (“Leaving Neverland”) and his team, who fill the second half of their film with footage of the two trials that sought to hold Alex Jones responsible for the pain he caused the surviving family members of Sandy Hook. Of course, “The Truth vs. Alex Jones” has to start with the details of that day in December 2012 when 20 children and six adults were killed in Newtown, CT. Without ever saying the name of the monster who shattered reality that day, Reed and his team allow family members to tell the story. It culminates in a detailed recounting of what happened, encounter by encounter, that includes every name of the deceased said with careful enunciation. They deserve their names to be heard. It’s a smart move by the filmmakers, taking an issue that people have tried to turn into a broad political one and going back to the human cost of that day.

It’s a cost that grew more painful when Alex Jones, before the bodies had fully been counted, suggested that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation to support one side of the gun control debate. Jones and his cadre of vile lunatics began a campaign of non-stop harassment, such as when they took a grieving father’s nerves in front of a microphone as evidence he was acting, turning a moment of expression about the daughter he would never see again into a weapon of abuse. The full extent of the aggression directed at parents of the children of Sandy Hook is shameful, including interview subjects in the film who still demand answers to questions that have been answered or demand some imagined proof, after which they will move the goalposts again. The woman who insists that bodies must be exhumed or it didn’t happen is the perfect example of the kind of moronic privilege that drives so much of these conspiracy theories, never pausing to ask why her inconsistent questioning should mean anything to anyone. Not every stupid, insensitive question deserves an answer.

One of Reed’s master strokes is to include several of these people galvanized by Jones, some of whom still don’t believe Sandy Hook happened—for the record, despite what he said on air, Jones finally admitted it “100% happened” in 2022, furthering the fact that he’s little more than a con man, selling something he doesn’t even believe. Centering the family members first and then the listeners & InfoWars employees second pours the foundation for the trial footage that dominates the last third of the film because we know what’s at stake. We know whose pain has been exacerbated and the people who have poured the salt into those wounds, making the testimonies in the trial so much more powerful.


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