Home Business The versatility of Italian tiles: Ideas for every room

The versatility of Italian tiles: Ideas for every room

The versatility of Italian tiles: Ideas for every room

Elegant aesthetics and highly durable nature make quality Italian tiles the perfect addition to any room. Bringing enhanced functionality and stunning designs, low-maintenance tiles aren’t just for your shower!

The craftsmanship and style of Italian tiles

Beautiful European ceramic tiles have always been in fashion, but new tile designs and patterns make them even more adaptable when it comes to styling different rooms. So, apart from being water resistant and easy to clean, what are Italian tiles good for? Read on to find out.

Italian tiles in the kitchen: style and function

Whether you’re looking to add unique style focal points or need tough protection against water damage and general wear and tear, durable Italian tiles are the perfect practical solution.

Back plates

Incorporating tile backsplash is a fantastic way to add functionality and style. Durable tiles are resistant to moisture, heat and impact, making them ideal for protecting kitchen walls in customized design formats.

Floor tiles

From elegant subway tiles to stylish large format adaptations, well-crafted ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are the ideal durable material needed to maintain a stunning kitchen with minimal wear and tear over time.

Italian tile in the bathroom: Elevating your space

Bathrooms may be one of the smallest rooms, but it is also very important. Any room that gets a lot of use will benefit from using premium European water resistant tiles to create a style statement.

Tiled shower surrounds

Adding a mural, mosaic, or stylish subway tile design in and around your shower or tub is a great way to incorporate a backsplash while also adding a stylish touch.

Floor tiles

Durable ceramic floor tiles are perfect for high humidity areas like your bathroom. Why not use aesthetic floor tiles to pave the room and create a pathway between different areas?

Accent tiles

From a single accent bathroom tile to a bold accent border, there are unlimited ways to use accent tiles to create a sleek, welcoming bathroom with a luxurious feel.

Italian tile in the living room: Making a statement

From borders and accent tiles, there are many ways to use Italian tiles in Perth in your living room.

Tiled fireplace surround

Whether you use it or not, having a fireplace in your living room is a great design opportunity – tie the space together with complementary tiles that frame the fireplace.

Accent walls

Using quality tiles in creative ways is a surefire way to make a statement in your living room. Accent or feature walls create a visually appealing focal point that uses pattern, color and texture to tie the room together.

Italian tiles in the bedroom: Adding luxury and comfort

Chances are your bedroom is your favorite space, offering comfort and relaxation after a long day. Incorporating Italian tiles in Perth allows you to personalize your bedroom, upping the style factor in a uniquely decorative way.

Tile bed

Why not break out of the mold with a stunning tiled headboard – a surefire way to create an elegant bedroom with an inviting feel.

Floor tiles

Quality floor tiles are not just a fashion statement in a bedroom, but a practical way to keep the space well insulated. Try elegant wood-look floor tiles to create a cozy and inviting feel.

Italian tiles offer endless possibilities

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