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TWICE’s Dahyun Shines as Michael Kors Ambassador

TWICE’s Dahyun Shines as Michael Kors Ambassador

Dahyun Michael Kors Ambassador 2023 Photoshoot
TWICE’s Dahyun is the new global ambassador for Michael Kors. Photo: Lachlan Bailey

Dahyun, a member of the celebrated K-Pop group TWICE, takes on a glamorous role as the new global brand ambassador for Michael Kors. This partnership serves as an intersection between the world of music and high fashion, blending the youthful energy and sophisticated style that the star and the brand respectively embody.

Known for her unique charm and on-stage talent, Dahyun, born Kim Da-hyun, has been a part of the global sensation that is TWICE since 2015. Her versatile style and dynamic performance skills have garnered her a loyal international following.

Dahyun Michael Kors Ambassador Photoshoot

Dahyun Michael Kors Bag 2023
Striking a pose in denim, Dahyun poses with Michael Kors bags as a brand ambassador. Photo: Lachlan Bailey

The singer’s association with Michael Kors, a respected American fashion house, is not recent; she had graced the front rows of the Michael Kors Collection runway shows for both the spring-summer and fall-winter collections of 2023 during the illustrious New York Fashion Week.

The inaugural campaign images, lensed by photographer Lachlan Bailey, display Dahyun’s effortless transition into her role as ambassador. One striking shot showcases her donning a plush faux fur jacket, while another presents her in a coordinating denim top and skirt set, complemented by matching bags.

Dahyun Twice Michael Kors Ambassador 2023 Photoshoot
Twice member Dahyun wears a faux fur coat from Michael Kors. Photo: Lachlan Bailey

These images reflect the jet-set aesthetic of the brand, bringing a blend of glamour and practicality that is quintessentially Michael Kors. Dahyun’s appointment follows the brand’s recent debut of its MICHAEL Michael Kors line and runway Collection spring advertisements.


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